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Tips on Beating the Summer Heat


created at: 07/27/2010

Since the neverending 95+ degree heat wave has set in, I've found myself dodging the sun and avoiding my favorite outdoor activities more and more. Even in the evening hours, it's been excessively hot and uncomfortable. I'm sure I'm not the only one suffering.

Well, there's two pieces of good news for those of us that don't enjoy excessive heat. A.) The hottest month of the year is nearly over and it should be progressively cooler from here on out. B.) Just in case it isn't, recently published a handy set of tips for surviving the relentless heat of the mid-summer.

Half serious advice, and half tomoolery laid down by "Spicy Nate," the article addresses topics like acclimating, hydrating and sun protection. It is a quick read that may help you spend a little more time outside during the dog days of summer.

Photo: Bergdorf Brunette

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