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Smart Helmet Lets You Know How Hard You've Been Hit


created at: 07/21/2010

You know when you slip on a rock or ice puddle, smash the back of your head into hard, unforgiving earth, see black for a moment and experience fuzzy vision for an hour or two? For some reason, a group of really smart engineers is trying to recreate that experience in the form of a helmet. Probably because they were too busy playing with science kits when they were kids to ever actually go through the experience themselves.

Called the Smart Helmet, the sports helmet out of Northeastern University is capable of not only protecting your head in an impact, but in conveying information about how bad the impact was. An LCD screen built into the visor of the helmet flashes colors upon impact, showing green for light impacts and red for serious ones. The team also envisions equipping the helmet with the ability to automatically contact emergency services in the event of a serious hit.

While you may be able to tell how bad an impact was just by how much your head is throbbing afterwards, it's possible to experience serious head trauma that doesn't feel that bad and goes untreated. The idea behind this helmet is to inform the victim just how bad it is, so they can act accordingly when seeking treatment.

Still but an ongoing research project, cited uses for the helmet have included military and sports.

PhysOrg via Dvice

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