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Swiss Army Gets Big Woody


created at: 07/15/2010

There's only so many tools that you can add to a Swiss Army knife. After nearly 130 years in the biz, Wenger and Victorinox are starting to run short on ideas. Sure new things like flash drives and garage door openers have provided a modern boost, but there are still only so many gadgets to add. And if the $1,400, 87-implement Wenger kitchen sink doesn't have it, it's probably not worth adding.

Instead of admitting defeat, however, the Swiss Army brands are constantly innovating small upgrades on their timeless knives. The latest I've come across is this EvoWood, a classic knife with a contemporary twist: wood casing. More than just a little wood accenting, each EvoWood knife features a striking exterior crafted from sustainable walnut wood.

Available in four different models, the EvoWoods add a little aesthetic and eco-friendliness to your knife cache. I don't know how well the wood handles will actually hold up, but they'll certainly look nice in your backpack. They were recently introduced at the OutDoor show in Germany, and there doesn't seem to be any pricing or availability info.

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