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Move Over Clint Eastwood: 66-Year-Old TKOs 300-lb. Black Bear


created at: 07/14/2010

Wow. Either people in New Mexico are crazy or one Henry Ostrander is a hard-as-nails SOB.

A ranch manager and historian, the 66-year-old Ostrander was awakened one lovely summer evening by a bear having a late-night snack--a ranch goat that goes by the name of Esmerelda. Clearly not one to think of an elaborate plan, a weary-eyed Ostrander went outside in his nightshirt and instinctively punched the bear in the face, at which point the 300 lber took off up a tree. Not sure if he needed to shoot it three times after that stunning blow, but that's what he did.

And again: Wow. I could see punching a bear in the face if it was attacking you, but to save a goat--that's pretty ballsy.

He said of the incident: “It’s strange to feel that intense release of adrenaline. I felt it as a medic in the Navy, but it’s funny how that kicks in for you."

Children in the neighborhood beware: you may get more than the requisite "Get Off My LAWN!!!" when trespassing at ol' man Ostrander's.

Taos News via Outdoor Pressroom

Photo: Chascar

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