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Automatic Chef Rotating Campfire Grill


created at: 07/08/2010

Automatic. Chef. There are two words that go together better than most words in the English language. In this case, those two words refer to a handy campfire rotisserie that automatically spins your dinner over an open flame while you watch and drink a cold one.

A little large and unwieldy compared to your average spit, the Automatic Chef features a hanging grill attached to a large, metal base. The base is spiked at the end, allowing you to anchor it in the ground. A D-battery-powered rotisserie keeps the food rotating, ensuring a thorough cooking without any burnt spots.

While the Automatic Chef is pretty large when set-up, it packs down into a hard case that includes all the pieces and a few cooking utensils. It's easy to carry back and forth from the car. You can buy one now for $140.

While this is cool, I can't help but think the Auspit performs the same function with much less metal.

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