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Cyclists Rally Against Black Hawk Bicycle Ban


created at: 07/06/2010

When I first posted about the bicycle ban in Black Hawk, Colorado, my colleague Billy Brown had a nice comparison with Footloose. As I write this follow-up, I realize that had I ever seen Footloose, I'd be able to start off with some clever analogy linking this bicycle rally to the movie. But I have not. In fact, I had to look it up on IMDB just to understand what Billy meant. So, for those that have seen Footloose, feel free to replace this entire first paragraph with an analogy of your own.

More than 100 bicycle advocates gathered on the steps of Black Hawk's town hall last week to protest a recently enacted bicycle ban (doubling the town's population for the day). The action was sponsored by Bicycle Colorado and received support from two state senators.

Cyclists are currently required to walk through the small resort town or face a $68 fine. It's a pretty common consensus that Black Hawk is the only bassackwards town in the entire country to have any type of bicycle ban. That ain't really jivin' in a state that counts the great outdoors as its greatest commodity, and Bicycle Colorado plans to attend a July 14 meeting and present petitions against the regulation. It is also helping those affected by the ordinance to obtain pro bono representation to fight it in the courts.

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