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Ryders: Inexpensive, Photochromic Eyewear


created at: 06/22/2010

Ryders, a Canadian eyewear company positioned at outdoor eyewear that's functional more than fashionably overpriced, introduced its Spring/Summer 2010 collection last month, which includes 21 new pairs. The majority of sunglasses price in under 60 bucks and include such handy tech as polarized, photochromic lenses.

“We challenged our design team to be bold,” said Brand Specialist Chris Strome, “They came back to us with ideas that blew us away.  The new styles are extremely technical, include cool colors and have an edge.  From downhill racing to beach barbequing, the Spring/Summer 2010 line has every base covered.”

Yeah, I know. Chris Strome probably never said that. And it's just a hot pile of marketing BS. But still, you get the point. Cheap. Stylish. Functional. Save the extra hundred bucks for a trip where you'll actually use the shades.

I picked up a pair of Ryders a couple of years ago that featured photochromic, vented lenses and really liked the shades, particularly for the low price. Unfortunately, they never quite fit my head and had to be retired, but I attest that Ryders is a lesser known brand with some good bang for the buck. Get dialed in at their

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