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The Swack Sweatshirt Backpack


created at: 2010/05/06

Some of the best gear is usually born from the trials and tribulations of those that have found existing gear to be insufficient. That is certainly the case with the Swack, a sweatshirt that integrates a backpack. Designer Terence Simmons created the Swack after taking a fall when his backpack straps got caught up in a pair of crutches he was using at the time. To prevent that from happening to others, Simmons designed the Swack, which runs the straps inside the sweatshirt.


created at: 2010/05/06

Apparently, Simmons' incident came in the late winter/early spring when a sweatshirt represents a viable piece of outerwear. I'm not sure how the Swack would work if you had to wear a jacket. It looks like you could still pull the backpack out of the sweatshirt. But then, what's the point of having a Swack instead of a pack?

I don't really know if the problem is large enough for a solution, or if the Swack really is a solution, but it's definitely an interesting piece of concept gear.

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