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Casio G-Shock Watch Gets Woody


created at: 2010/04/05

Already a solid sports watch, the Casio G-Shock just got a new feature that will appeal to many outdoor users: an organic wood case. The W-Shock watch features an organic wood, laser-cut bevel. Not only does this make the watch more eco-friendly, it provides a distinct look that's sure to start a few conversations. The G-Shock watches have been retrofitted with wood by a company called Wood Shock, so they're not actual Casio releases. Also, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, according to the website.


created at: 2010/04/05

For $250, you get a cool wood watch with G-Shock durability (assuming the wood bezel can keep up) and functions like stopwatch, backlight, countdown timer and 12/24-hour formatting. The W-Shock comes in red or black.

Via InventorSpot

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