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Google Adds Bike Routes to Its Maps

created at: 2010/03/10

Google Maps is great if you're looking for point-to-point driving directions. It even provides the options of walking and public transportation directions. And now Google has added bike routes to its popular navigation service.

Maps users can now select a bicycling option from the Directions drop-down menu. The feature will be available for 150 cities at launch and will offer bike-optimized directions for getting around town that give users access to information on bike lanes, bike paths and bike-friendly streets. The feature even provides a bike-friendly view and an estimated time that takes climbs and fatigue into account. Pretty Cool.

"Bicycling" is already available as an option in Google Maps and Google is scheduled to launch the feature at the National Bike Summit today. A mobile version is also in the works.

According to a Google product manager, bike routes were the most requested feature for Google Maps, followed by hiking trails. So perhaps we'll see trails in the not-so-deep future.

Via CNET and NY Times

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