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Brooks-Range UltraLite Alpini Shelter



created at: 2010/02/26

You just know a shelter named after an Italian mountain infantry has got to be impressive, and the Alpini Shelter won't prove you wrong. Kind of a cross between a tent and outerwear, the Alpini is a lightweight, no-frame shelter solution that gets you out of the weather quickly.

Imagine if a rainstorm is bearing down; you want to get out of it as quick as possible. Trying to unload and pitch your full tent in the rain and wind will be difficult, but with the Alpini shelter, you simply pull it up over your head and get protection from the elements in an instant. The shelter is made of ripstop nylon and designed for one or two people. It protects from wind and water while keeping body heat in. It's not meant to be an overnight shelter, but a supplementary option for eating lunch, taking a break or quickly escaping the weather.

While minimalists might scoff at a piece of gear like this, it weighs only 8.11 ounces and packs down to 4" x 4". Brooks-Range makes some pretty serious gear designed and tested by mountain guides and professionals (see: Rocket Tent), so I don't doubt this is a quality piece. It retails for $99.95.


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