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Tentpak: Backpack and Tent Rolled Into One


created at: 2010/02/05

I was planning on taking a look at TentPak during the Outdoor Retailer, but unfortunately I didn't get the chance. The TentPak is an all-in-one backpacking solution that includes an integrated, two-person, 3- or 4-season tent. The TentPak comes in 12 different models. The packs and tents are built on Germany's High Peak platform.

Designed for grab-and-go use, the TentPak was created by Gaven Bench, who realized the advantage of having all your gear stored in one, convenient place. TentPaks are aimed at a variety of uses including emergency, hunting, general camping and backpacking.

The one downside of the TentPak, in my opinion, is that it averages 13 pounds--not bad, but you could get much lighter on your own. Generally when I see all-in-one gear, I expect some kind of weight savings. My two-person, three-season tent and backpack weigh about 6 pounds, for instance.

Prices on the TentPak start at $150, which is a pretty good deal for a tent and backpack. Find out more at

Not quite as interesting as the JakPak, but still pretty useful.

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