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Eton Scorpion Emergency Radio Packs a Sting


created at: 2010/02/04

Eton makes some pretty killer multifunctional emergency radios. The latest to its collection is the Scorpion, which Eton describes as a "solar-powered, all-terrain, multi-functional unit. Sounds good so far. 

The Scorpion looks a little more rugged than some of Eton's other radios and includes a carabiner clip for strapping onto a backpack. Radio-wise it includes NOAA weather bands and a digital radio tuner.

For those days when everything is just fine, it offers an audio line input to serve as a speaker for your music. It also packs a flashlight and three methods for powering up: solar panel, dynamo and DC adapter. And like any good multifunctional tool of the outdoors, it has the most important tool of all--a bottle opener.

The Scorpion retails for $50 and will be available sometime this quarter.

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