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Champion Supersuit Insulates While Drastically Cutting Bulk

created at: 2010/02/02

I still associate Champion with the hooded sweatshirts that were all the rage back when I was strolling the hallways of the sixth grade, but apparently the company makes some pretty mean outdoor gear too. One of the major unveils at the Outdoor Retailer, the Champion Supersuit is a breakthrough in serious winter expedition gear.

Touted as the “the thinnest extreme weather suit ever developed", the Supersuit is a functional shell that is extremely thin and mobile thanks to the Zero-Loft Aerogel insulation used inside. Champion says that the insulation is four times as warm as down, but obviously significantly thinner. In addition to aerogel, the shell includes a wicking inner layer, body-heat-trapping foil layer and a windproof/breathable polyester exterior. The shell pairs with a set of pants to create the Supersuit.

created at: 2010/02/02

The Supersuit will undergo serious testing on a Mt. Everest expedition this spring. Assuming it works as well as advertised (and doesn't cost a small fortune), this one could have a huge impact on performance outerwear.

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