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SkiGo: Ski Lessons From an Electronic Coach


created at: 2009/12/28

We've hardly busted free from 2009 and already our 2010/11 ski gadget list is shaping up nicely. A couple weeks ago, my colleague Billy Brown showed us some interesting GPS goggles due out for next season and now we have a digital ski coaching system also allegedly dropping next year.

The SkiGo is produced by a German start-up called Moticon. Users will need to leave their iPods in the lodge because the system includes a pair of headphones paired with sensorized boot inserts and a computer worn around the neck. As you ski, the pressure sensors in the insole send digital information about your form and movements to the computer, where it's analyzed. Once analyzed, the computer provides audible instructions based upon what you're doing right/wrong. It's basically an automated ski lesson. The insoles are wireless so no need to worry about tangling your package in a heap of up-the-leg wiring.

The plan is to demonstrate the technology in Europe this season and get it ready for global market next season. I have a feeling that this will cost more than a few lessons and provide less benefit, but it is an interesting little gadget for the wealthy, techie skier.

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