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Bentley Skis: Perfect for Your Aspen Chalet


created at: 2009/12/22

There's no better way to exclaim that you've arrived than with a Bentley. Unfortunately, for affluent ski tourists, you can't drive a Bentley onto the slopes of St. Moritz. Sure you could show off with fur coats and $500 champagne at apres, but none of that fluff offers the performance of a Bentley.

Enter the Bentley brand itself to solve that rich-and-famous struggle. With the help of Swiss ski firm Zai, the auto icon brings the shamefully expensive Zai for Bentley Supersport Ski, seeking to do to skis what Bentleys have done to cars.


created at: 2009/12/22

Handcrafted in Switzerland, the skis are made from a carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic--a material its calling Zaiira®--rubber, and chrome steel. The price is a cool $9,800 for the limited-edition, 250-example skis. That should earn you some respect (or scoffs) on the groomers.

You like? More info is available here.

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