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Compact, Eco-Friendly Rental Camper Concept


created at: 2009-11-24

The Hotel Cube is a new camper design brought to us by Jianbo Huang & Ting Zhao. These two designers sought to rethink the camper from the wheels up to make a convenient, efficient space.

The short little piece of cubery is envisioned as a camper rental. It maximizes interior space by focusing solely on where the most time is spent: the bed and the bathroom (hopefully not too much time in the latter). After all, it's camping--get outside and save the fancy accommodations for home. Since there's no kitchen, the Cube includes a combo fridge/cooker and space underneath the cabin to store a BBQ and other outdoor necessities.


created at: 2009-11-24

The designers spend a lot of time explaining the advantage of the Cube's sewage disposal system, which is designed to hold and transport waste so that you don't have to constantly worry about hooking up. However, that capability is available in pretty much any camper out there, so it's unclear how this design improves upon what's available, outside of the mention that the waste can be saved and used as fertilizer--in case you wanted to grow a campsite garden nurtured with your own feces.


created at: 2009-11-24

Other interesting features include translucent solar panels that provide electricity while serving as a window to the open sky, glass side panels which allow you to control the shade of tinting and a retractable awning. Entry is handled through a swipe card system.

While it's not likely to take the camping market by storm, it's certainly a noble design.

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