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Tent that Transforms Into a Hammock

created at: 2009-10-12

Admittedly, this is a rather old concept, but it seemed interesting enough to post anyway. The Respite shelter hammock, designed by Ryan Heiser, is a combination tent/hammock. Unlike other hammock tents designed to be tied in the trees and lift the user off the ground, the Respite includes a metal hammock frame that doubles as the tent frame. Simply zip or unzip the zippers on the canvas and enjoy a traditional tent or easy set-up portable hammock. Presumably the zippers are waterproof to seal the roof and prevent leaking. The Respite folds up into a carrying bag that doubles as a backpack, though it looks like it would smack you in the back of the legs if you actually used it as a backpack. I'd definitely try this one out if it were actually produced.via Yanko

created at: 2009-10-12

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