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Key Buoy Saves Those Valuable Car Keys from Drowning

created at: 2009-08-04

Imagine: you're out kayaking on Prince William Sound, when you suddenly capsize. You quickly scramble back into your boat and get resituated, but you realize that your keys fell out of your pocket during the commotion and are now sinking their way to the very bottom of the icy water. You could scramble after them, but you'll probably never recover them anyway. Time for new keys.

It's not difficult to think of 20 different scenarios in which your keys could take a plunge while outside. For under $10, you can avoid the hassle of getting a whole new set of keys by buying the Key Buoy. Appearing just like a remote entry fob, the Key Buoy opens when it hits the water, making way for a 14-inch, bright orange inflated tube. The tube floats on the water, holding your keys in place, and the bright color makes it easy to spot. It will float around for about 40 minutes before losing buoyancy.

One downside: the Key Buoy is a single-use device, so you'll need a new one after it's been activated. However, buying a new Buoy is certainly better than rekeying your home, car and office.

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