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Jeremy Jones/Teton Gravity Research Working on Sequel to Deeper

  Well, it's officially the worst time of year for snowboard stoke. Because nearly every U.S. resort is closed or closing within the next couple of weeks. But here's some stoke anyway: Further, the sequel to TGR/Jeremy Jones' award-winning, groundbreaking, big-mountain snowboard film Deeper, released last fall, is coming in fall 2012. The crew has already filmed in Japan and plans to include shoots from such exotic locations as the Arctic Circle and Georgia (former...
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Dude Trips! My Guy Trip Helps You Plan The Perfect Bro-Cation

Wow. If you ever find yourself so much as muttering the words "mancation" or "reconnecting with the guys," lock yourself in a room and don't travel anywhere for a minimum of five years.   If, after that time, you decide that a mancation or bro reconnect was a good idea after all, My Guy Trip's got your hook-up. A travel company designed to set up male-bonding-style trips above and beyond just the average bachelor party,...
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Banff Film Festival World Tour Trailer 2010/211

It's that time of year again-time for the Banff Film Festival's World Tour to head into my town, and I can hardly wait. Held in the last week of October every year since, The Banff Film Festival is an event in Banff, British Columbia that showcases both amateur and professional films that celebrate the great outdoors and the people who love to spend time in it. For those of us who can't make it up...
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Terrifyingly Awesome: Swinglining Moab's Canyons

Man, I'm really behind on all-out adrenaline sports. I've barely gotten my mind around slacklining, and here comes a little something called swinglining. It's kind of like the canyon swings that you find in places like Glenwood Springs, Colorado and New Zealand, only of the DIY variety. No further explanation required: Via The Goat    
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Best Apps For Playing Outside (So Far)

Some people rail against taking modern tech into the outdoors, and that's fine. If you want to get away from modern society, I'm all for it. But if you've got an iPhone and you're leaving it at home, you're missing out on some fun stuff...here are some of my favorites so far. If you've got anything to add to this list, let me know. Nike+ GPS ($1.99)For runners, the Nike+ GPS app is a spectacular...
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Mountain Climber Tumbles 1,000 Feet, Walks Away To Tell The Tale

  On his feet reading a map. That's how one rescuer described the scene in Scotland this past weekend. Now, if the victim had been simply lost or out of supplies, you'd expect to find him like that. But seeing as how Adam Potter just tumbled down 1,000 feet of near-vertical mountain, rescuers were shocked and had to retrace his fall line through dropped gear in order to be sure this was the guy that...
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Lights Out! Surfing a 30-Foot Hawaiian Break In The Dark

  Many young children figure out something that they eventually forget: things are more fun in the dark. Remember those games of manhunt you played when you were 10? During the day, that would have just been a bunch of goofy kids running playing hide-and-seek for no reason. But at night, it was friggin' manhunt. Often adults forget that important lesson, but big kids tend to remember. And some find out that the rule even...
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Fan us on Facebook!

Just a quick note to let you know Uncooped has a brand-new Facebook page (we're late to the part, I know). You can check it out here: While you're there, take a minute to like our page and tell your friends! Thanks! Bruno  
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NPS Institutes Permit System For Yosemite Half-Dome Hike

  Yosemite is one of the most popular national parks in the national park system. And the Half Dome hike is one of its most well-known attractions. In fact, the hike is so popular that the NPS has seen fit to institute a permit system for completing the last leg, the part that includes scrambling up a steep rock while gripping cables.The permit system will go into affect for the summer high season. To help...
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Pre/Early-Season Stoke: Slashing Powder in Utah Red-Rock Country

Last week, Billy Brown dropped some sweet, early-season stoke footage from the Tetons. So I figure it's my turn. The footage below is a short but incredible little backcountry epic filmed by Utah's Provo brothers in the high desert of southern Utah. At first blush, it might look like Bryce Canyon National Park, but it's actually the similar (but less regulated) Cedar Breaks National Monument. The amazing contrast of sharp, red rock and dry, desert...
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