Does this sound right?

My son recently bought a few strands of 10,000-year-old woolly mammoth hair for about $6 at a nature discovery store. The hair and the plastic frame that contained it had been priced at about $10, but the store was having a 40 percent off clearance sale.That was great for my son, whose room is decorated with a near museum's worth of such artifacts.But it raises the question: Should average people like us be able to possess...
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Cluster Ballooning Anyone?

Cluster ballooning, if you don’t already know, is when you tether yourself up to about 50 to 150 helium balloons and take off up into the heavens. For more information, visit
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Would you raise an orphaned animal?

Inspired by my post about Charlie, the orphaned coyote pup being raised by a woman in Wyoming, I'm curious about how you Uncoopers would respond in a similar situation...
Poll Would you raise an orphaned animal? Vote now!
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Rock Climbing Quiz: How much do you know?

How much do you know about rock climbing? Test your knowledge of knots, grading systems, famous climbers, and climbing terminology.Take the quiz here:
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Did you Wal-Mart today?

I've always had problems with the impact of a Wal-Mart store, on the local buiness community, but more importantly to me, on the environment. I've even avoided shopping there as much as possible.Now I've heard a bit about some environmental initiatives by the mega-retailer and, in light of the giant's potential for forcing a lot of suppliers (and the buying public) to maybe do some good things, I'm beginning to wonder if I need to reconsider.Any...
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Did you know trails are such living, growing, shrinking things?

I just learned that the Appalachian Trail is more than a half-mile shorter than it was just three years ago.According to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, for the first time in nearly two decades, the trail this year was measured as shorter for the second consecutive year, when the ATC did the official measurement for the 2007 edition of the AT Data Book.The AT now stands at an official 2,174 miles, after a 0.6 of a mile reduction that resulted...
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Your swimming preference

Best swimming hole? Lake, pond, river, stream, ocean, pool? Why?
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To eat or not to eat?

You're walking along a trail on the first afternoon of an overnighter and you spot some mushrooms you feel certain you can positively identify as edible.Do you add a few to your dinner, just for a taste of something wild?
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Should he open a climbing gym?

 jkeltgen over at posts:"When my father passed away in April, there was some inheritance left over after all the regular bills and everything were taken care of. Not a TON of money, but maybe $50000. Sure, I could use the inheritance to buy a newer home and do the real estate thing for awhile like some people do. But then it occured to me... why not start a business? And in thinking about it,...
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What's in your stocking?

Several of the youngsters on my Christmas gift list this year will be receiving SnowPaws from Redfeather Snowshoes. Built for kids ages 3-6, with bright decks of light blue with pink binding or dark blue with green binding, the SnowPaws are real snowshoes (for small weight loads), but also produce bear or bigfoot tracks in the snow.They have a suggested retail of $24.95, but can be found cheaper through some online retailers.If could make these...
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