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Tin Foil Dinner Recipes!

All Boy Scouts know that one of the easiest camping dinners to make is one that comes out of foil. And why not? Tin Foil Dinners are easy to throw together and they produce very little or no clean up. In Googling around this morning, I came across a website called Chuckwagon Diner which just happens to have a fairly lengthy list of Tin Foil recipes. Besides offering recipes for dinners such as Lemon Chicken and Salmon Dijon, they also have some yummy sounding deserts like Baked Campfire Apples, Dolenuts and Chocolate Marshmallow Bananas. The Chuckwagon won’t let you forget the most important meal of the day either with a few Tin Foil Breakfast options, as well. So chop your veggies and pack your protein and foil before you hit the road and you’ll be spending more time enjoying the great outdoors and less time preparing for and cleaning up at mealtimes! For tips on cooking your tin foil meals, check out this helpful post.

'2643 Scout Camping Dinner' pic courtesy of WoofBC at Flickr.

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