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Name that climb (Supertopo)

Check out this interesting post over at Supertopo: Name that climb.

Here are the hints (see if they make any sense to you!):

1. It is an all-aid route and has not been done free. The aid is sketchy.
2. First ascent was in the '70's. Although three people are listed, only two actually went on the route.
3. Top belay was in slings from a single, 1/4" button-head. Nothing else. Makes me cringe to think about it now!
4. It is in the Valley between Reed's and the Column. Yes, I know that is a lot of territory, but I just cut your search in half.
5. Several nice, hard free routes lies within 50' of this route.

 I have no chance of knowing the answer, but it's still fun to see how people go about guessing.

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