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Backcountry Boozing: Clif Family Winery Climber Pouch


I like wine. I like the outdoors. It seems natural that the two would go together, but hauling a few bottles out into the woods adds serious weight to a pack and runs the risk of shattering said bottles if you end up on your back for one reason or another.

 Enter the Climber's Pouch from Clif Family Winery. Yeah, it's not just the bars anymore; they make wine, too, apparently. Climber's Wine Comes in both a chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon. I "tested" the chardonnay and found it to be light, fruity, and crisp, without too much bite. It's not the best wine I've ever had, but it's definitely the best I've ever had on the trail.

What really makes Climber's Pouch stand out is its packaging. Instead of the bottles that "the man" insists you use, Clif Wine comes in nigh-indestructable bags, complete with carabiner clip and a leak-proof spout. It's great, because bagged wine a) takes up less space b) is lighter, c) won't shatter, and d) seals up nicely so you don't have to drink the entire bag in one sitting. Good news, too, because each bag holds two bottles' worth of the stuff (1.5 liters).

If you don't kill the whole bag on a single trip, the bag keeps it fresh for up to a month. I recommend trying to make it last for a whole month. I bet you a bag that you can't do it.

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