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Gear Review: Brooks-Range Cirro Hoody

created at: 05/23/2011

One of Brooks-Range mountaineering's more visually striking pieces of apparel, the Cirro Hoody (13oz., $189) is a synthetic insulated jacket that provides a huge amount of warmth in a minimalistic package. I've been testing the Cirro Hoody for the last few months, and it scores big points.

I like my gear to fit close to the body, so as a rule, I’m generally not a big fan of puffy style layers, but the Cirro Hoody’s slim fit makes it a welcome addition to my layering lineup. The jacket’s Perteyx Quantum nylon shell also adds a bit of stretch to the jacket, which allows the jacket to fit closely without feeling like it’s restricting movement.

The Pertex shell is thin and light, but surprisingly tough - it survived multiple encounters with backcountry brush without incident - and it provides some water protection. In a deluge, a storm shell would come in handy, though. If you’re caught prepared for a downpour, the Primaloft One insulation has you covered-the synthetic will stay warm even when it’s wet.

The hood is voluminous and sports multiple modes of adjustment, allowing it to fit just as well over a helmet as it does on an unprotected head. Large hip pockets can handle gloves and a hat with enough room for a few Powerbars without a problem. The chest pocket can stash additional goodies, including the jacket itself if conditions start to heat up.

One of my favorite features of the jacket is one of the little details-the Cirro Hoody sports a high collar in addition to the hood, which helps to seal in warmth and block wind at times when a hood isn’t necessary. It’s little details like this that make a jacket stand out.

Of course, little details can be a downfall as well. My only complaint is that the interior of the jacket’s sleeves isn’t stitched down, so the jacket’s interior lining tends to pooch out when you put the jacket on. It’s a minor quibble, and one that I’m sure they’ll solve in the next iteration of Cirros. created at: 05/23/2011

The inner lining tends to poof out when you put the jacket on.

Overall, the jacket has become my go-to for chilly spring jaunts and high altitude excursions-it’s warm enough to negate the chill, but packs small enough to stow away when I don’t need it.

A quick note about the fit, though-while I’m usually a medium with everything, Brooks-Range’s small size fits my 5’8”, 170-pound frame perfectly.  

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