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SeaLife's Indestructible Mini II Sport & Dive Camera

created at: 2011/02/19

I break gear. It's what I do. Sometimes it's on purpose, when I'm testing a piece of gear, or sometimes it's by accident, when I drop my camera, try to catch it with my foot, and end up kicking it across the room. Somewhere in Heaven there's a room full of broken/lost sunglasses that sit around talking crap about me.

This is why I can't have nice things. This is why SeaLife's Mini II Sport and Dive Camera intrigues me. By combining a rubberized outer layer for grip and rebound with a "ruggedized" body, SeaLife is claiming to have made one pretty indestructible camera.

As far as the camera's guts go, it's got the bells and whistles that you'd expect; it's a 9-megapixel camerawith a Sea Mode that adjusts for underwater photos, a 2.4-inch LCD screen, and a 30fps video mode, among others. But what really makes it stand out to me is it's claim of near-indestructability.

SeaLife claims that the Mini II is waterproof to 130 feet without an external case, and was "extensively" tested to be drop-proof to 6 feet, and they say that it's vitually crushproof. Meaning that it'll survive a trip from my foot to the other side of the room or a trip to the bottom of the Sacramento River.

I'm hoping to snag one of these guys, so as soon as I put it through the ringer I'll let you know how it does. Until then, here's a nice little image:

created at: 2011/02/19

"See? This is why we can't have nice things!"

I emailed SeaLife's contact about this photo and he said that they actually drove a Jeep over it.

The YouTube clip is pending.

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