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Fuse Solar Charger: The Sun is Your Outlet

created at: 2011/01/17

"Man, I wish my phone still worked..."

During a snowboarding session up at Mt. Shasta last weekend, I turned my iPhone's Nike+ GPS app on to record our time and distance while we snowshoed up the mountain. The app worked well, but the GPS sucked the life out of my iPhone, leaving me sans phone (and directions, and Angry Birds, etc.) for the rest of the weekend. Screw that noise.

created at: 2011/01/17

Luckily, some sharp characters over at Voltaic Systems decided to get the sun off its ass to do a little work for once. The Fuse Solar Charger is a solar-powered battery charger that attaches to bikes, packs, or the top of a tent for maximum sun exposure. It comes with a solar panel and a spare battery that you can load up before you leave. It connects to devices using a USB port or one of nine different adaptors.

created at: 2011/01/17

The website claims the solar charger to provide 3 hours of talk time after an hour of sun exposure or a full phone charge after 4 to 5 hours, while the spare battery can provide up to 19 hours of talk time or 48 hours of music playback for when you're stuck in the middle of a streak of cloudy days.

Sure could have used one of these guys last weekend. Take a closer look at

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