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Patagonia's R3 Hi-Loft Jacket: A "Fur" Coat Without The Guilt

created at: 12/13/2010

They call the color "Autumn Leaf". I call it "Orangutan".

With its bright orange color and distinctly furry exterior, conversation tends to lean towards my Patagonia R3 Hi-Loft Jacket. The answer is yes, it IS as warm as it looks.
created at: 12/13/2010

The Regulator R3 fleece give the jacket its warmth and fuzzy look.
The R3’s Regulator R3 fleece is comprised of Polartec ThermalPro polyester yarn, which not only gives the R3 its outstanding warmth but also provides moisture-wicking and the ability to dry quickly, while Polartec Powerstretch fabric provides added stretch and durability on the armpits and side panels.

Details like microfleece lining on the neck, cuffs, and hem provide a touch of softness at points of contact, and a drawstring cord on the hem to prevent warmth from leaking out round out the jacket’s features. The whole package weighs just over a pound (16.7oz).

I tested the R3 on Mt. Whitney, where one of our neighboring campers at the trailhead said, “You look like a bear, mate!”

His name was Ken Jones, and it turned out that he knew a thing or two about trying to keep warm when things get chilly.

I’ve got to admit, when a guy who’s been featured on a show called “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” tells you that you look like a bear, it makes you feel pretty macho.

In addition to its ursine appearance, the R3 lived up to its claims of warmth. During Whitney’s frigid mornings and evenings, it kept me downright toasty. Once we got moving, it worked a bit too well, but here’s more good news-it’s extremely packable, so when you want to stow it, it’s not going to take up a bunch of space in your pack. Check out this video.

The jacket’s mobility was a huge plus for me. I tend to feel claustrophobic when I’m layered up, but despite the R3’s snug fit, the Polartec fabric allowed for a full range of motion. It felt more like a gentle hug than a straightjacket.

created at: 12/13/2010

The R3 provided warmth and mobility when things got chilly.

As a heavy midlayer, the R3 Hi-Loft jacket will keep you warm, comfortable, and dry without restricting your movement or making you feel smothered, so whether you want a solid piece of cold-weather gear or you just want to wear fur without PETA activists throwing red paint on you, the R3's got you covered.

And it makes you look like a bear. It’s win-win.

The R3 Hi-Loft Jacket goes for $179. Take a closer look at



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