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Tram Bars: Great Grub on the Go

"Omgaw thasso goob."

That's pretty much the first sound that I made after I crammed my first Tram Bar into my mouth at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show. It was my first experience with the homemade energy bar, but as those who can decipher the above text can tell, it most definitely wouldn't be my last.
created at: 09/21/2010
Trade show sample food has a tendency to outshine the $10 cafeteria sandwiches, particularly the nutrient/calorie/electrolyte-rich fare of which the sample foods tend to consist. This goes double for esteemed members of the press since, as Chris mentioned in an earlier post, a good number of journalists tend to wander the OR exhausted, sleep-deprived, allegedly hungover, and half-starved.

The Tram Bar's 365 calories helped keep me on my feet during that high-energy week in August. The secret recipe isn't very secret-it's just a solid blend of everything that you know is good-oats, honey, peanut butter, dried fruit, chocolate,  and the sunflower and sesame seeds embedded within.

created at: 09/21/2010
It's a mishmash of deliciousness.

Refreshingly, it’s just plain real food, and its got a wide range of flavors and textures, between sweet chocolate, the chewiness of the dried bananas, apricots and raisins, the crunchy puffed rice bits inside, and those great little bits of sea salt that pop up like flavor prizes in a Cracker Jack box. A quick warning for some: peanut butter is the glue that holds the Tram Bar together, then this is not the bar for you.

Unlike other bars that keep me full for about 5 minutes, the Tram Bar's 365 calories are pretty filling, and they digest well while you're on the move-no gut bomb action while you're hiking or biking.

I’m the kind of guy that’s always down to eat, but after one of these things I’m good for at least a few hours.

And if you’ve seen me eat, you know that that’s a heck of an achievement for a 3-ounce bar.

Also, if you want something a bit spicier or not so calorie dense, check out the 140-calorie Caz Bar. It’s described as a “dark chocolate almond coconut spice” bar. Not a thing in those quotes that I don’t like.

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