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Toe-tally Awesome Footwear

Sorry about that title, but it's pretty hard to work 'toe' into a footwear post.

Moving on-there was no shortage of footwear on display, from hiking boots to running shoes to sandals made from trash, and there was a sock for every shoe there. Some of the most notable offerings were in the toe-sleeved category.

Injini's Midweight Performance Socks

created at: 08/10/2010

Injinji is known for their toesocks, but while they were unique, they weren't hugely performance oriented. I always loved my Injini's, but they were always a bit thin for running. This year, Injinji's catering to runners and hikers with  their Performance Midweight Sock, which features thicker cushioning in the heel and sole for better shock absorbption and CoolMax/lycra /nylon construction to provide a bit of compression and keep feet cool and dry.Theyll be available in Spring 2011, and they'll retail for $16.


Vibram FiveFinger TrekSport Shoes

created at: 08/10/2010

I posted a while back about Vibram's FiveFinger KSO Trek Shoes, with their aggressive tread and kangaroo upper. I was pretty stoked about how much more 'normal' they've been looking, but with their new TrekSport shoes, they go beyond normal and head straight for awesome territory. Instead of a kangarro upper, the TrekSports have a neoprene and mesh upper for more breathability and water resistance. The aggressive lugs are still there, and the 4mm EVA midsole provides a measure of protection without sacrificing the barefoot vibe. So far they've been solid for trail running, hiking, and some light bouldering.

created at: 08/10/2010

You can find the TrekSports online at for $99.95.

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