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OR 2010: Takeya Glass Bottles

created at: 08/05/2010

When I first heard that glass water bottles were making their way into the general population, I was wary. The first thing that came to my mind was the image of a glass-littered sidewalk and a thirsty pedestrian, so when I approached the Takeya booth, I did so with trepidation.

And the benefits? Survey says the taste; my fellow writer Chris Weiss (see his Bamboo Bottle post) mentioned that glass doesn't alter the taste, and Takeya's Sandra Leo said to ask myself if I'd rather drink a beer from a bottle or from a can. Touche, glass bottles.

I didn't take long for my mood to change, as the glass bottles are covered with a layer of latex which not only serves to protect the glass inside, it also makes the overall package look pretty sharp. The latex absorbs impact, gives users a solid grasp, and is particularly thick on the bottom of the bottle. While I was there I bounced the bottle off of a table a few times for good measure.

Takeya's water bottles come in a streamlined Modern version and a Classic style that emulates old-school milk bottles. The Modern comes in 16oz ($19.99) and 18oz ($24.99) sizes and and the Classic comes in 16oz ($19.99) and 22oz ($24.99) sizes, and you can take a closer look at


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