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Sportsmobile: Making Vans Cool Again

created at: 2010/04/22

For months now I've heard whispers of the ultimate outdoors vehicle, the four-wheel drive monster that serves as a second home while traversing the great outdoors, but until recently, I've never seen a picture. Until today, that is, when I found Sportsmobile's website.  

According to their website, Sportsmobile is a company that "convert[s] Ford, Chevy/GM and Mercedes-Benz vans into luxurious travel homes," turning an ordinary van into a fully-customizable beast of burden. 

created at: 2010/04/22

There are all kinds of options on the website, but I'll save you some time by telling you to go right the Ultimate Adventure Vehicle page. You might want to cover your keyboard first to keep it safe from drool-it's basically a rolling base camp. The luxury of owning the a rolling home away from home doesn't come cheap, however-they run anywhere from $60,000 to $75,000, more for high-end electronics like a sound system, satellite receiver and whatnot. 

created at: 2010/04/22

Makes living in a van down by the river look pretty good. 

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