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Buggies: Insect Repellent Clothing for Kids

created at: 2010/04/14

If you have an aversion to hosing your kid down with DEET everytime you take him outside, Buggies might be just the thing. This Spring, Pukies (a childrens' clothing company tht focuses on soft, comfortable fabrics that are colored to mask food stains) is releasing Buggies, kid's playwear that features Pukies' Soy Genius super-soft cotton blend along with InsectShield technology, a bug repellent that's integrated into the clothes' fabric to keep bugs away.

I've been getting a lot of questions about the best way to keep kids safe from insects, and without the hassle of application or the worry about ingestion or getting repellent into kids' eyes, this looks like the way to go.

Now I just need to get over the name "Pukies".

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