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Zeal Optics and Recon Instruments: A Match Made in Heaven

created at: 2010/01/15

Remember my post about Recon Instrument's snowboarding goggle with the in-lens head's up display (HUD)? It projects info such as your speed, elevation, the temperature directly onto your lens, giving you real-time info on your snow situation. A very cool idea, but too often cool ideas get bogged down by being paired with lousy products. My big fear for this innovation was that it would get paired with a sub-par goggle and count on its novel features to sell it.

Lucky for us all, Recon has paired with Zeal Optics, a company known for its quality sunglasses and innovative styling (a while back I did a post on Zeal's Swap-It Deuce Sunglasses), to make the Transcend-snowboard goggles that feature Recon's HUD technology combined with high-performance lenses and pretty sick styling.

Here's a full list of tech specs:

created at: 2010/01/17

Welcome to the future!


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