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Long time no post

Okay maybe not that long. Four days? Something like that. Anyway, I've been busy moving.The boyfriend and I have finally gotten a place of our own! It's a tiny studio apartment in a small town in northern California. For the rent we're paying, we could rent a fancy three-bedroom apartment or a small house back home in the Midwest.

(The Midwest will always be home to us, even though we don't plan to live there anymore. I'm from Minnesota, he's from Wisconsin.) 

But it's worth it to live here. "Winter" here consists of six weeks of drizzly, 50-degree days. Where we're from, winter lasts six months, snow is measured in feet, and the mercury can drop below -20.

The porch outside our place. Note the surfboards and wetsuits. Everybody leaves their gear up here. (Our place is on the second level of a building, above a bookstore and a surf shop. Sweet eh?)

And below, tea-tree leaves framing a purple Pacific sunset. This is less than ten minutes from our apartment.

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