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Three things to do with driftwood

Everybody loves driftwood, right? I pick some up every time I go to the beach. It's a compulsion. I can't stop bringing home driftwood any more than I could stop eating chocolate. (And I wonder why my pants feel tight and my apartment is full of wood...) 

Here are three ideas for things to do with all the driftwood you drag home.

-Make a candelabra First of all, the word "candelabra" is really cool. Reason enough to do this, if you ask me. Basically, you find a thick piece of driftwood that sits sturdily on flat surfaces. That is, if you set it down a certain way, it's very stable and won't rock or shift at all.

Then drill holes the diameter of a standard taper candle, roughly 3/4", and at least an inch deep. Paint or spray the whole thing with fire retardant. Twist white taper candles into the holes - they should fit tightly. If they're loose, take them out! Don't burn down your house on my account.

This makes a super cool centerpiece. I've always wanted to experiment with lengths of chain and a really big piece of driftwood to make a hanging candelabra, but I've never done it. If you do, tell us about it. 

-Canvases Instead of buying bleached, pre-stretched canvas at some crafts store, pick out a piece of driftwood with at least one flat side. Sand it smooth and cover it with primer if you want, or leave it rough if you want to retain that natural, just-plucked-from-the-wild-surf character. Then paint on it. A sunset or beach scene would of course be fitting, but paint whatever you want.

-Driftwood poetry Like magnetic poetry, but with wood. Paint words on pieces of driftwood, one word per piece. I like using water words: ocean, sea, wave, glass, green, aquamarine, sand, beach, driftwood, surf, glide, etc. You could also go through a book of poetry and pick out interesting words from that. Once you paint the pieces, you can do almost anything with them. You can lean them on molding above doorways, prop them up along windowsills, nail or hang them, use them as coasters, make a mobile, hang them in a fisherman's net and tack it up on the wall, jumble them in a basket and give it to a friend, scatter them in your garden...  

This was a Valentine's Day message to my sweetheart. See if you can guess what it said.  

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