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Bring the outdoors inside - decorating tips

The classic outdoors-inside room, as I picture it, is the basement rec room circa 1973, paneled in wood or fake wood with framed hunting-season photos and a prize fish mounted on a plaque decorating the walls. For those of us who would rather not live in fake-wood-paneled basement rec rooms circa 1973, but still want to honor our love of the outdoors in our living spaces, here are some ideas.

What's your outdoors fantasy? That is, when you're sitting at your desk on an interminable Monday afternoon, what's going through your mind? (besides "I swear the minute hand is moving backwards") Use the setting and the activity in your ideal-afternoon-outdoors fantasy to inspire your decorating choices.

Skiing in the Alps, then retiring to a snug chalet Hang vintage skis on the walls. Pile warm blankets on the couch. Stock the cupboards with cider and cocoa mix. Frame old black-and-white photos and cool reproduction posters from the 1800s (get them at Splurge on a removable, reusable wall mural decal from

The basic idea is the same no matter what your fantasy is:

physical elements of the activity i.e. a surfboard

literal depictions of the activity and/or the setting i.e. framed photos (old or new), posters, etc.

textural and sensory elements that evoke the activity and/or setting i.e. a Peruvian blanket

Here are some other outdoor dreams you could bring inside:

Backpacking the Torres del Paine circuit in Patagonia

Climbing the Pacific Ocean Wall on El Cap (sigh)

Surfing glassy, hollow waves at Kirra

Lounging on a beach in Bali

This would make a nice wall mural.

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