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Jelly from Queen Anne's lace flowers

created on: 08/26/08

The flower heads of Queens Anne’s lace (Daucus carota), which is also known as the wild carrot, can be transformed into a delicious jelly, supremely delicate in taste and color.


The broad, flat, lacy clusters of myriad, tiny, white flowers are a dominant part of roadsides, ditches, meadows and wild fields throughout the region.


To produce a gently flavored, wine-colored jelly, gather and rinse about three dozen of the flower heads. Bring four cups of water to a rolling boil, toss in the flower heads and push them down into the water. Remove from the heat, cover and allow the mixture to steep for 45 minutes.


Strain three cups of the liquid into a six-quart pan. Stir in a quarter-cup of lemon juice and one package of powdered pectin.


Stirring constantly, bring the new mixture to a rolling boil and then stir in four cups of sugar. Bring it back to rolling boil, allow it boil for one minute and then remove it from the heat.


Pour the liquid into a jelly jars, leaving a quarter-inch space to the rim, and process the jars in a hot-water bath for five minutes.

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