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Who is the typical camper?

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About 20 percent of American go camping every year, but that doesn't mean we're all one big homogenous group, according to Responsive Management, a Virginia-based research firm specializing in outdoor recreation.

For starters, we camp in may different ways. Camping at a campground in a tent is the most popular method of camping. About 67 percent of all campers camp in a tent at a campground compared to 30 percent who camp using a recreational vehicle.

And, wilderness campers tend to be younger and more active in various outdoor recreations than RV campers. To no one's surprise, the wilderness set is much younger too. While 18- to 24-year-olds are the predominant age group in the wilderness set, the over-55-ers are more likely to be RV campers.

Overall, the bulk of campers are in the 35 to 44 age group, while participation drops off sharply after age 54.

About a third of campers live in small cities or towns, while slightly less than another third live in rural areas. About 19 percent live in cities and 18 percent are suburbanites.

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