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Campfire pizza

A favorite camping food with our Scout troop is the campfire pizza, which the kids like both for its simplicity and because it’s pizza and not something like beef stew.


For the more mature palette, the attraction is the fact that campfire pizza, when prepared over an open fire, tastes a great deal like premium wood over pizza.


It’s a very simple process.


Start with a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil, wide enough to hold a large soft taco or pita bread and long enough to have about six inches additional foil on either side of the taco or bread.


Spray the foil with non-stick cooking spray and drop the taco or pita bread on top of it. Spread a thin layer of pizza sauce to cover the taco or pita bread.


Place pepperoni, slices of salami or cut bacon atop the layer of pizza sauce. Add a layer of your favorite shredded cheese – mozzarella works well – over that.


If you want veggies, like onions, peppers, mushrooms or zucchini, dice them up small, sauté them until they’re as tender as you want, and add them over the cheese.


Place another sheet of foil over top, crimping the two long ends together loosely with the long ends of the bottom sheet.


Place the whole affair over the flames, not directly on the flames but over the flames. A metal rack or a frame of logs not yet on fire works well to hold it in place over the heat.


Check on your pizza every few minutes. When the cheese is melted – 10 or 15 minutes or so – your pizza is ready.


Each pizza is a serving. If you have a good appetite, better plan on two.

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