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From Hollywood for Halloween: A dozen arguments against camping


Over the decades, moviemakers have given us plenty of reasons why camping may not be the healthiest of pursuits.


Here are a dozen of their offerings. Maybe they're not great movies, but they sure do make the most out of campers (most pieces, most meals, etc.).



Alien Abduction, 2005: Campers abducted by aliens, then committed to military hospital for secret experiments.


Backwoods, 1987: Hillbilly father and son terrorize campers.


The Camping Trip, 2007: Campers fight against woman with power to raise the dead.


Don’t Go in the Woods, 1982: Deranged backwoodsman hacks up everyone from campers to birdwatchers.


The Final Terror, 1983: Camping rangers attacked by backwoods-dwelling woman.


Grizzly, 1976: Fifteen-foot (probably prehistoric) grizzly attacks camper after camper, but never leaves a track.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 2005: Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters destroy the campgrounds at the Quidditch World Cup Finals.


House of Wax, 2005: Beyond Paris Hilton’s acting, there’s the threat of campers being turned into wax sculptures.


Predator: The Concert, 1987: Giant grizzly upset over the killing of other grizzlies rampages through concert-goers in a national park.



Proboscis, 2000: Giant, man-eating, radioactive mosquito takes brunch in a campground.


Satan’s Playground, 2005: The Jersey Devil pursues a lost family of campers through the New Jersey Pinelands.


Zombie Campout, 2002: Camping friends are menaced by zombies created when radioactive meteorites crash into a nearby cemetery.

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