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Ladies Can Have Fun Peeing in the Wild Too: Go Girl

As I was strolling the far corners of Outdoor Retailer a few weeks ago, I came across the stand for Go Girl. Having seen it before on the Web, I stopped by briefly to get a closer look. Then I had a fateful idea: ask for a sample for my wife. I wasn't sure if she'd actually use it, but I did know it would make a hilarious gag gift.

Hilarious alright, but the joke was really on me. The rep spent about ten minutes talking about the use and benefits of the device, and I stood there on a crowded expo floor grasping an anatomically-shaped, pink rubber penis. What a backfire.

created at: 2009-08-13


For those that have never seen it, the Go Girl is an innovative little solution to what I assume is a common problem for the ladies: tinkling in the wild or other undesirable locations. We all have to pee in the woods eventually and while this is a simple, fun task for guys--sometimes we even get to draw pictures--I'm sure it's far more awkward for girls (having to find coverage, completely expose yourself, etc.). So, the funnel-like Go Girl "female urination device" slides over top and serves as a more simple, discrete way of peeing. During ten of the most embarrassing moments of my life, I even learned how easy it is to clean (dishwasher safe, if you can stomach it) and reuse. Not a bad addition to your women-specific backpack and other camping and hiking gear.

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