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Just an avid outdoor person. i can be found hiking and camping at least 2 weekends a month around Florida and usually try to get out to some mountains a few times a year. i really dig "the stillness", the stars, and being away from people. Am equipped to go into the backcountry for 5 days at a time....i'm not crazy about campgrounds at the state parks, but will go there on occasion with family as they can't do the backcountry.

Will update on hikes, trails, gear and anything else hike/backpack/camping oriented....

My first time out into the backcountry was last August when i flew to Rocky Mountain National Park and went out for 4 days....it was amazing to say the least. Have been going a few times a month locally ever since then. My last trip was a few weeks ago. My girlfreind and i took a canoe 3 hours up the Rock Springs Run near Orlando and camped at a primitive site for 5 days. Was a nice trip....

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The key to breaking in new hiking boots is to take things slowly. Remember -- your feet aren't as tough as your new boots, so if you rush things, your feet are likely to pay the price. Different boots will require different amounts of break-in time. Lightweight models may feel perfect right out of the box, while heavier, all-leather models may require weeks to soften up and form to your feet. NOTE:Most hiking boots stretch...
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Here's a list of the gear that i use while out backpacking. A lot of folks might think i take too much or too heavy of items, but i have reasons. i like my gear and the things that i use....Pack - Jansport Big Bear 5000 - 3 compartments (Main, outside packet and top/lid compartment) Can carry the whole house if you like.Tent - Ozark Trail 9x8 full sport dome. Wal-Mart Special, i know.....but it...
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Its Lake Ellen Wilson in Glacier Nat. Park....just a bit south of the Canadian Rockies.
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